• Your Circle

    You want to do something to make the world a better place? You think you can do it all by yourself? Think again.

    The world is complex, and the status quo is massive.

    The way to make a difference in a complex massive system is to use a

    complex-massive-solution-generating organism: Your Circle.

    This website empowers you to build and empower your circle.








  • A Circle Has No End

    A circle has no end...

    but it does have a beginning.

    Your circle starts when you make a database and name it your Circle.



    Your Circle is in a database.

    Your database.

    Your database lists people's names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

    If someone is not in your database they are probably not in your Circle.


    Where do your Circle people come from? They come from meeting you and wanting to stay in touch with you to learn about what you are learning about. They want to be part of your journey. This means it is important to keep doing High Level Fun things where you can meet like-minded people. That's not so bad, is it?




    Meeting people happens in person, physically, face to face, not online in social media.

    If you do not believe me about this then you will be shocked and possibly disappointed when no one shows up at the public talk you advertised as a Facebook Event even though 40 people clicked 'Going' or 'Interested'.

    The number of Facebook clickers who actually show up at physical (and even online) events can be counted on the fingers of one foot.

    Instead of spending your time making Facebook events and posting there, go around and connect with flesh and blood people, face to face (See YOUCIRCL.03 Experiment). Talk to people. Ask questions. Be curious. Build Bridges (see Connect with Other Circles).



    In an EXCEL sheet. In your computer.

    It takes 5 minutes to set up a database in Excel (or Google sheet).

    If I can make a database, you can make a database.

    You will feed this simple database into a free online newsletter generating program (like MailChimp, see below for the steps).



    Your main jobs are:

    1. To feed your Circle (See FEED YOUR CIRCLE)

    It is more effective not to feed your Circle very much, yet it is important to feed your Circle regularly and with quality food.

    A simple monthly newsletter from you is sufficient to feed your Circle and keep them healthy and strong.


    2. To keep growing your Circle (See BUILD YOUR CIRCLE)

    Your Circle is not going to grow by itself. It is like a fragile plant, you give it water, sun and time, and then it will grow.

    The Water for your Circle is your legend-making actions and offers.

    The Sun for your Circle is your Attention and your persistence to add every name and email address to your database of the people crossing your journey or walking with you on your journey.

    A Circle requires Love, Attention, Energy.


    A PODCAST with practical steps to start and keep building your circle










    Legend-Making and Not Marketing

    'Selling' transformation is a very different business than selling any kind of other services or products. To acquire most other services or products only one thing is required in exchange: your money. The job people selling ordinary services and products is to convince you that you better spend your money on their products and services than their competitors' products and services. This is Marketing 101. There are all sorts of techniques for this. There are entire Masters degree to learn how to brainwash and convince clients that your product is the best.


    Selling transformation is not the business of convincing clients that they should get transformation. The main reason is that it doesn't work. Before your clients are your clients, they are identified with their Box. The Box does not want transformation, the Box will do anything to avoid that your potential client gets any idea that transformation is possible. The Box thinks that if it can stay the same than it will survive, and the person inside of the Box will survive too.


    'Acquiring' transformation requires the highest cost imaginable: the life of the Box. The Box - as it is - will not survive transformation. Your job is then to DEMONSTRATE something that the client will find more valuable than the life of their Box - which seems like their life as they are identified with their Box.


    Demonstrating that thing so that your client wants more of it in their life is NOT about explaining. If you explain it to them, they could probably understand at an intellectual level what you mean and they might find it interesting, but they will not be ready to pay you to take them through the process. Explaining hinders your circle building. You might have had this experience already.


    Explaining and convincing are old technology. There are newer technology: creating a vacuum.


    Demonstrating by creating a vacuum for your client has the possibility of opening a door for your client in which they can see that they didn't know they didn't know about something.


    Demonstrating by vacuum happens in two ways: Having Integrity and Legend-Making.

    1. Having Integrity with the work that you deliver. Walk your talk.


    For example, if you sell Workshops and Trainings to heal emotional reactivity, next time you are having an emotional reaction in a group, admit it and tell them that you will go do the emotional healing process so that you can keep having this conversation with them.


    For example, if you sell Workshops and Trainings for people to learn to keep their center, demonstrate that you can keep your center around them. Stop being adaptive, don't allow Gremlin to take over a space of relationship. Walk your talk.


    For example, if you sell Workshops and Trainings in which you will distinguish parts and purposes, practice having meta-conversation about parts and purposes without judgments.


    2. Legend-Making actions are actions that sends an energetic vibrations in the field that is strong enough to disrupt the status quo.


    Those energetic vibrations are ripples, identical to the ripples in water after you throw in a stone. When the ripples hit hard matter (like the edges of a swimming pool) they come back to the sender: YOU.


    The hard matter in the energetic fields are your clients: the people who have enough matrix to sense the vibrations and to respond to them. Your legend-making actions and their ripples will be invisible to most of the population on the Planet. You could consider this a good news, this means that the people coming back to you want something from you instead of wanting to kill you. The more you stay invisible to the fanatics of modern culture, the more you can keep doing your job in peace.


    Legend-Making actions are actions that open doors into new territory that were invisible to people before.


    Demonstrating emotional healing on radio show is legend-making, committing to deliver a work-talk every week is legend-making, holding space for 3/3/3 is legend-making, giving free talks in book shops is legend-making, walking barefoot everywhere is legend-making, going around the world using no fossil fuel powered engine machines is legend-making.


    Let your legends do the impossible magic of opening the difficult doors so you can use your time and energy actually delivering the services of your Archetypal Lineage.

    Life Boats Around a Sinking Ship

    You have to get that you are not trying to get money from your people. If money is your primary concern while selling your transformational space, it is not safe for your people to go into those spaces because the moment you got the money, your work is done.


    On the other hand, your work is NOT free work. Your value is your distinctions and your capacity to deliver them. Keep sitting in the Possibility chair until you leave the modern culture gameworld that provides you with money and builds the next culture gameworld in which a flow of resources comes through (including money).


    You are not selling transformation for money.


    You are selling transformation because there is no other way out of the mess that we - human beings - have created on Planet Earth than through personal, and collective transformation.


    You are selling transformation because it is the work of your Bright Principles and Archetypal Lineage to deliver that work in the world through your mouth, and hands and voice.


    You have to get that by Growing Up, Healing Yourself, and Building Matrix, you have created for yourself a number of life rings and life boats next to a sinking ship. Great! Selling transformation is about sharing the ability with your Client from them to create those life rings and life boats for himself AND teaching them how to create those life boats for others.


    Money is a resource to which the thoughtware of scarcity is attached to: "If you pay me, then you have less money and I have more." Money is a resource that shrink when you share it.


    Transformation is resource to which the thoughtware of abundance is attached to: "When I hold the space for your transformation, I transform too." Transformation is a resource that grows when you share it.

    Your Bright Principles and Archetypal Lineage Need a Circle

    The status quo of the world is hard like stone.


    The status quo of your Box's life is also hard as stone.


    To create a space for your gameworld in your life and in the global ethnosphere you will need to carve new space in your life and the global ethnosphere with a grinder and a hammer and chisel.


    The work of carving out new space is long and difficult. It is not for children. The fantasy world of 'being discovered by Oprah' or some famous movie director and suddenly going viral is just that, a fantasy world. Many hours and days and months can unconsciously slip through your fingers while you are fascinated by your fantasy world, busily making other plans...


    If you succeed at creating a vacuum in the status quo, people will come and fill it. The universe will provide you with people who are hungry for the particular kinds of energetic and transformational food you offer.


    It can help to realize that Your Circle grows one person at a time.


    Then you can recognize that it takes persistence to build Your Circle. Each Legend Making action brings perhaps one more person into your database listing name / email / WhatsApp info.


    It turns out that still now, in 2020, Possibility Management is located at the edge of edgeworkers. We are not yet mainstream in

    the people's next culture bridge Experiments. We are still mostly unheard of, even with so much positive feedback and enthusiasm about the value of Possibility Management.


    The people in Your Circle are the people whose contact info is in your database. Your Facebook 'friends' are not in Your Circle. There is no commitment in clicking on a button.


    And, you can build conviction in your people by supplying tasty, crunchy, juicy food: distinctions, extraordinarily exciting nonlinear challenges, inspiring images, and transformational opportunities, along with the specific date, time, place, cost, and registration info. Each offer is a Doorway to a new future for anyone who finds your Doorway.


    The way to build the experience of necessity in others to need the food you provide is to provide food that you would love to have had others provide for you.


    What turns you on will not turn everybody on. Focus on further turning on the people who get turned on by what turns you on. This is your Tribe. Feed and empower your Edgeworkers with Distinctions and Experiments.


    Most people cannot tell you what they don't know about what is possible. This is exactly the area where they would thrive on the clarity and possibility from you.


    High quality energetic food rich, distinctions, and practical hints build bridges connecting from where people are to where they might want to go.


    You may be unaware that many bridges to new territory exist at your feet. By taking one conscious step you would be off your beaten path and onto a bridge to an entirely different future. The world of humans is in the desperate condition that it is right now, because of the fear-avoiding habit of continuing along the path you are already on, rather than doing the Box Expansion work required to become aware of the many bridges to new paths that you blindly walk by.


    People need to know what a regenerative culture bridge looks like, and how to make their first step onto a bridge.


    A bridge can be a flyer, a public talk at a bookstore, an interview with an online video blogger. A bridge can be you saying to someone in the right moment, "If you do Rage Club you might make clearer decisions in your life."


    A fruitful place to build necessity in Edgeworkers for the food of your Bright Principles is in parallel collaborative gameworlds. Many gameworlds are starving for your food and distinctions even if they do not know it yet. A list of such gameworlds is online at http://yourcircle.mystrikingly.com.


    Attend their meetings, their conferences, their workshops, and ask questions that are close to your heart: "How do you handle conflicting purposes in your gameworld?"


    When they say, "We don't know. Could you please say more about this?" you can reply, "I am researching ways that groups such as yours find to interact with people who speak and act from a purpose that is not in your gameworld context. There are some Experiments I could suggest you try that might give you exciting new possibilities about this. Do you want to do one now?"


    The distinctions of your Bright Principles can empower other gameworlds that are bridges to next culture. Soon you will hear people telling you: "I am in Deep Adaptation, but I want to know about Rage Club."


    Providing copyleft distinctions, tools, processes, and thoughtware into other edgeworker gameworlds strengthens these gameworlds as allies. There already exist global networks of collaborating next culture gameworlds. You have just found one.

    Your Circle Grows in Direct Proportion to The Depth of Your Context

    Two simultaneous actions are needed to grow and enlarge your circle: showing yourself, being visible, putting yourself out there AND deepening the context of your work.


    The actions of Being Visible are such as making your website, sending our your newsletter, making postcards and letting them where you can as doorways for people to find you, give interviews, give talks and offer workshops, set up at the local market and sell Possibility. Those experiments are listed and explained below.


    Being Visible is necessary but insufficient to grow your circle. You are the center of your circle, the same way that the Sun is the center of the galaxy. Your attraction power is directly proportional to your gravitational pull. One question is how to increase your gravitational pull. Another question is how to attract beautiful planets and not inter-space garbage.


    Increasing your gravitational pull



    Attraction beautiful planets to turn them into stars of their own, so they can go build their own gameworld.












    Build it and they will come.

    If you don't build it, they cannot come.

    STEP 0 - Make Your Website

    Your website is not your Facebook page, it is not your Instagram page and it is not your Medium page.

    Your different social media pages are connected to your website, and your website are connected to them.

    Your website is one of the main doors for the world to access your work and yourself. Go on Make Your Website for the steps How To Make Your Website.


    Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.01

    Create an Excel sheet to collect the names and emails of the people in your Circle. For example, you can use the free online Google Sheet.

    In the Excel sheet, make columns for:

    First Name / Last Name / Email address / Phone number.


    Add to your Excel sheet:

    • Email addresses of your contacts in your Mail software and/or phone
    • Email addresses from your Facebook friends
    • Email addresses from LinkedIn friends
    • Email addresses from Instagram followers
    • Email addresses from lists of participants for events that you've been participated in (GEN Conference, ETB, LAB, Possibility Team, Rage Clubs, Fear Clubs, SPARK Experiments, Study Groups, Summits, Conferences...)
    • Email addresses from people CC'ed in email you've received
    Hint 1: Consider that those people that you are adding to your database need to have between 10% and 100% interest in being fed by your discoveries, insights and work. Very few people will be 100% interested. If you hold on to a too high standard of interest, you will miss to include people who might read your newsletter only once a year and still receive something precious from it.
    Hint 2: When creating your database for the first time, aim to have at least 100 people added to your database.
    Hint 3: Extracting email addresses from Facebook and Instagram has proven quite difficult, even the latest hacked are no longer working.
    Here's a few possibilities:
    1. Post a message on Facebook /Instagram that you are launching your newsletter and anyone who would like to received it to comment or message you with their email address.
    2. Create on MailChimp a Landing Page like this one: https://mailchi.mp/adbe40945e15/verafranco.


    Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.02

    There are many free newsletter-sending platforms available to you online. We have been using MailChimp, where you are allowed to send out a newsletter to up to 2000 names per day for free, limited to 12,000 names per month.


    Set up a MailChimp account with your real name, professional email address and professional physical address.


    Import your spreadsheet database and connect it to the newsletter that you format online.




    Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.03


    Every time you participate in a workshop, work-talk or a training;

    commit to collect one email address like this:

    1. Every time someone look at you in the eyes, say, "Hi!" Smile. Walk a bit closer. Say, "I think you are looking at the right person."
    2. Ask what they are creating lately. Listen as a space for a couple of minutes.
    3. Tell them one experiment you are excited about, what edgework you are trying.
    4. Ask if they would like to stay in touch with you.
    5. If they say yes, then ask for their name and email address. Type it into your database.
    6. Move on. Moving on is Legend Making. You may feel strange not hanging around and flirting, or being nice, or being adaptive to their unconscious Box and unconscious Gremlin activities... So consider this part of your conscious Asshole Training.
    I'm serious! This is how you build your Circle!


    Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.04

    Give opportunities possible for people visiting your website so register for your newsletter. I don't recommend pop-up registration message. Personally, they irritate me because I want to read what the person is about before registering.
    Therefore, I can recommend to either create a unique page for your newsletter or to insert the section in the middle of your website.


    Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.05

    The experiment is to commit to grow your list to it has at 2000 people in it:

    1. A beginning list starts at 100 people. When reaching 100 people in your database, send your first newsletter. You are already ready to deliver your first online or offline 1 to 2h talk.

    2. A growing list starts at 200 people. You are ready to deliver your first day long workshop. Do it, only if there is 2 or 3 people. Commit to their commitment.

    3. A solid list starts at 500 people. With 500 people, you are ready to deliver your Practice Expand The Box with 6 people.

    4. An skillful list starts at 1000 people. Your skills to collect people's contact and feed them are sharp. With 1000 people in your database, commit to deliver an Expand The Box every other month.

    5. Trainer-Trainer list starts at 1500 people. You might be ready to deliver your first Possibility Lab or other 4 to 5 day training space. And you are certainly ready to train other people to build a organic circle grown on High Level Fun, Clarity, Love and Possibility (as opposed to circle based on Marketing, Brainwashing, Coerciveness, etc...)

    6. When you reach 2000 people: have a Party with your Circle!








  • Feed Your Circle



    Write Your Newsletter, Trainer Path, StartOver.xyz, Possibility Management


    Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.06

    Your main job is to feed the people in your Circle regularly with a Newsletter - at least ONCE EVERY MONTH.

    "A Newsletter? From me? Once a month? Are you crazy? How do I do that?"


    Ahhh! Excellent questions!


    The answers to those questions and more are waiting for you at: http://writeyournewsletter.mystrikingly.com.


    After you send out your first newsletter, register this Matrix Code in your free account at http://StartOvers.xyz.


    Then send out your other Newsletters every month after that.

    Legend Making, Trainer Path, StartOver.xyz, Possibility Management


    Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.07

    You are beginning your Legend Making actions.

    Remember, Legend Making is not about marketing or selling. It is about making legendary waves in the field. People will sense your waves and can surf on them when they bounce back to your Circle.

    Start by giving Work Talks. These are talks during which time you will also deliver a small, interactive exercise for the participants.

    Commit and hold a 1 - 2 hour online or offline WorkTalk EVERY MONTH.

    Hold 100 talks. That would be 2 years straight of holding a WorkTalk every week or 10 years straight of holding a WorkTalk every month.

    Charge 10€ per participant for your WorkTalk.

    Pass out your Post Cards to everyone.

    Invite participants to give you their email contact info for your Newsletter.

    Your life will change for the better, and your Circle will grow.



    After your first paid WorkTalk, please register Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.07 in your free account at http://startover.xyz. Thank you!

    Possibility Team, Trainer Path, Possibility Management


    Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.08

    Create and hold a Possibility Team, same day, same time, same place (online or onsite) EVERY WEEK wherever your are.


    After your first Possibility Team meeting, please register Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.08 in your free account at http://startover.xyz. Thank you!

    Possibility Coaching, Trainer Path, Possibility Management


    Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.09

    Commit and say 'Yes' to anyone asking for a process, coaching or Possibility in any group or Team. At the beginning, deliver your coaching for free.

    Make a list in your Beep! Book of name, time, date, location, and theme of every Possibility Coaching session you do.

    After your first official Possibility Coaching session, online or offline, record the above Matrix Code in your free account at http://startover.xyz.

    After 50 coachings for free, start charging your work. Start by charging a sliding scale between 80-100euros.

    After 100 coachings at that price, you can celebrate and raise your sliding scale to 150-250 Euros which is the regular price for a Possibility Coaching by a Possibility Coach.


    After your first paid Possibility Coaching session, please register Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.09 in your free account at http://startover.xyz. Thank you!

    Study Group, Trainer Path, StartOver.xyz, Possibility Management


    Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.10

    Commit to hold space for an online or onsite Study Group for a transformational book, same time, same day, same place (online or offline) EVERY WEEK.

    Record your Study Group and upload it to Podbean (podcast), YouTube or Vimeo.


    After your first Study Group meeting please register Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.10 at your free account at StartOver.xyz.

    Write Your Article, Trainer Path, StartOver.xyz, Possibility Management


    Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.11

    Write 100 articles, 2 to 3 pages each, with a photo.

    Each Article has a beginning, a middle and an end. It has a distinction and hacks the status quo around that distinction.

    Each article is a seed for people to grow, and a hook for people to find you. It has a link back to your Website.

    Upload each of your Articles to all the article platforms listed at Write Your Article.

    After publishing your first Article, enter this Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.11 into your free account at http://startover.xyz.

    Go Explore, Trainer Path, StartOver.xyz, Possibility Management


    Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.12

    Hold an online or offline Transformational Movie Night EVERY WEEK.

    Come together for a short greeting and check-in. Then all start watching the film at the same time. Then come back together for sharing discussion and research. A list of Transformational Movies is online at Go Explore.

    Register Matrix Code for watching each film (1 Matrix Point per film!) online at your free account at http://startover.org.


    Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.13

    At your next Possibility Team, create a 'master-mind' support crew to help you design your Trainer Path gameworld.

    Your personal Gameworld is part of the Trainer Path Regional Gameworld, which in turn is part of the Global Trainer Guild of Possibility Management Trainers. There, your design is started.

    What is your Context?

    What is your Team?

    What Transformational Services do you provide?

    What are the Rules Of Engagement of how clients interact with your Gameworld?

    Commit and say 'Yes' to every offer that will build and evolve the Gameworld.


    After you have created a rough draft of your Trainer Path Gameworld, register the Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.13 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.

    Next Culture Radio, Trainer Path, StartOver.xyz, Possibility Management


    Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.14

    Go on live radio shows.

    Talk about and demonstrate processes for emotional healing processes.

    Be very clear and proactive about the causes and cures for emotional reactivity.

    Many examples are provided for you at Next Culture Radio. Study them.


    After making and uploading your first Radio Interview (either as the Interviewer or the Interviewee) then register this Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.14 at your free StartOver.xyz account.

    3 3 3 Process, Trainer Path, StartOver.xyz, Possibility Management


    Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.15

    Hold space for 3/3/3 Anger, 3/3/3 Fear, 3/3/3 Sadness.

    You can do this online, running several courses in parallel.

    You can make enough money to quit your corporate job and begin doing what you came here to do.

    Create a Telegram group so that when you do your 3/3/3 you simply send the message: '3'




    Write The Script, Trainer Path, StartOver.xyz, Possibility Management


    Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.16

    Bring together 2 or 3 people and write a television or theater script.

    Get it produced.


    Go Travel Now, Trainer Path, StartOver.xyz, Possibility Management


    Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.17

    Bring together 3 to 5 adventures and set out on a 2 year round-the-world edu-vacation journey without using fossil-fuel-powered land, or sea, or air transportation.

    Document your adventures with films and articles.

    Call upon Gaia to guide your journey while you write a handbook, for example something like: Leading The Way For Young People To Do A 21 Century Walkabout.



    Bright Principles, Trainer Path, StartOver.xyz, Possibiltiy Maangement


    Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.18

    You do not have enough personal energy to feed your circle.

    Don't exhaust yourself trying.

    Let your Bright Principles feed your Circle.

    At your meetings, on your stationary and calling cards, during interviews and online workshops, call in your Bright Principles by name, for example, say, "My Bright Principles are Clarity, Possibility, Transformation, Love." Then they are there for you and for everyone.







    Creating critical connections between communities of practices generates a field of influence for the emergence of next culture - archearchy.

  • Connect with Other circles

    Creating critical connections between communities of practice generates a field of influence for the emergence of next culture.

    Another name for 'circle' is 'community of practice'.

    There is a global ecology of circles, an organic meshwork of interconnected gameworlds, all serving the evolution of consciousness.


    The Law of Emergence says that by exchanging value through critical connections with other Circles (other communities of practice...) you generate a field of influence that amplifies the emergence of Next Culture.


    A 'critical connection' is a connection over which real value is exchanged.


    How can your circle create real value for other circles?


    A formidable question that shift the purpose of your gameworld to supporting the emergence and evolution of other gameworlds!


    Other circles are also hungry for distinctions, experiments, and authentic adulthood initiatory processes that build matrix in the energetic bodies of their people to support evolution. The people may be quite hungry for evolution even if they do not articulate it with clarity.


    If you can provide the spaceholders and participants in other circles with food they will be grateful and interested in further collaborations.


    What we have found is that many circles already exist in your area that have a context with resonance to the context of Possibility Management. This automatically makes us friends, brothers and sisters in fact.


    If you reach out to these circles by personally connecting in with their people, attending their meetings, asking relevant nonlinear questions, being authentically curious, providing clarity and possibility whenever and wherever you can, you open the door to collaboration. With consistency, you also build an appetite in their people for the distinctions and tools of Possibility Management. This feeds their circle and builds your circle. The people in their circle are alraedy hungry for what your upcoming Expand The Box training has to offer them. This is exciting news for them!


    Here are some of the Circles we have already found that are deeply resonant to the context of Possibility Management and are wildly interested in connecting with you as an ally:

    The suggestion is to immediately and often meet with any of these groups in your area. When you share yourself with them, in addition to making new edgeworker friends, you will automatically build your Circle with more people interested in your newsletter.

  • Connect with Other Circles


    Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.19

    Be sure you bring POSTCARDs with you to every meeting and drop them off so people can connect with your NAME, CONTACT and WEBSITE.


    Hint: Create non-linear, non-glossy postcard. There are so many postcard out there which are all trying to look cool. Try something else, and your postcard will stand out.


    Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.20

    Distribute them everywhere, in cafés, libraries, bookstores, train stations, airports.


    Each postcard is a doorway into your gameworld that creates real value.


    It is a safe boat where the ship in going down. And damn right, the ship is going down, throw as many life rings as you can.


    Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.21

    Call up 3 spaceholders for groups and teams of resonance with your context. Connect and provide clarity and possibilities in a meeting. Offer to provide some tools and demonstrations at their next meeting.


    I'm not kidding, this will be harder than you think.

    Sit at your desk, get your center, grounding cord, and bubble.

    Call up your Gremlin and tell him: "I'm going to need you to call up spaceholders of other gameworlds. We are doing it now. Are you ready?" Yes, he/she is. If you 'think' he is not, it is your Box getting in the way. Let your Box freak out. You don't have to.

    Make a list of the different phone numbers.

    Practice beforehand saying:

    "Hello, my name is ... I am a Possibility Manager." Wait for them to say "Hello." Keep breathing. Then, "I'm calling you because I was reading about your work and notice how close it is to the work that I provide. I would like to come and meet you and connect. When is your next meeting?"

    Call the first number of the list.

    After you got the information needed, say thank you and hang up. Don't hang around. Alchemy needs Clarity.

    Call the NEXT PERSON IMMEDIATELY, don't let your unconscious fear distract you with WhatsApping, Facebooking, or other.

  • NOTE: This website is a Bubble in the Bubble Map of the free-to-play, massively-multiplayer, online-and-offline, thoughtware-upgrade, matrix-building, personal-transformation, adventure-game called StartOver.xyz. It is a doorway to experiments that upgrade your thoughtware so you can relocate your point of origin and create more possibility. Your knowledge is what you think about. Your thoughtware is what you use to think with. When you change your thoughtware, you go through a liquid state as your mind reorganizes itself. Liquid states can bring up transformational feelings and emotions. By upgrading your thoughtware you build matrix to hold more consciousness and leave behind a low drama life of reactivity. No one can upgrade your thoughtware for you. More interestingly, no one can stop you from upgrading your thoughtware. Our theory is that when we collectively build 1,000,000 new Matrix Points we will change the morphogenetic field of the human race for the better. Please choose responsibly to read this website. Reading this whole website is worth 1 Matrix Point. Doing any of the experiments earns you additional Matrix Points. Please use Matrix Code YOUCIRCL.00 to log your Matrix Point for reading this website on StartOver.xyz. Thank you for playing full out!